Michelob ultra


We Put a dog in a beer costume

Happy Halloween. This idea speaks for itself. It was also the best performing post on their social channels in 2018! Concepted and executed with my incomparable AD partner, Summer Schneider.

Ugly Athleisure

The only way to celebrate the holidays with a brand that’s all about fitness and fun is taking the ugly sweater to the next level: the gym. We hosted a social sweepstakes and gave away Michelob ULTRA ugly athleisure for a full week. (Yes, I did get some for myself. No, it did not fit.)

The most relaxing super bowl ever (for viewers…)

To add a digital and social extension to Michelob ULTRA’s ASMR Super Bowl spot, we recorded tweet responses in the ASMR style and in real time. With two copywriters (check out Felipe Torres Medina) in the twitter war room watching the game and two VO artists back in the office (under the direction of Summer Schneider) we recorded over 50 live responses (including one to Reese Witherspoon!). I also got excellent twitter swag. Summer did not, but I gave her some of mine.