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Hi I'm Taylor and I'm a writer, actor, and comedian, born and bred in KC, MO, now living in NYC. I write for UCB's NightLate, as well as McSweeneys, Reductress, and the Belladonna Comedy, among others. I have written lifestyle pieces for SELF Magazine and Greatist, with a focus on women's health. I'm currently a copywriter at Ayni Brigade working on a variety of clients. I was previously at Laundry Service working on European Wax Center (#axthepinktax!!) and Michelob ULTRA. I was the social copywriter for RĂ©my Martin Cognac and the social content creator and community manager for YourSexualPSA. But wait, there's more! In my spare time, I'm also a test prep tutor, college admissions counselor, and speechwriter (I know, it's a lot.. But also #rent.) I love The Kansas City Royals, buffalo wings, musical theatre, my family, my boyfriend, and my plastic mason jar with a built-in straw.