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Ax The pink tax

As the social agency for EWC, our team pitched and won the opportunity to take strategic and creative lead on their 2019 Ax the Pink Tax cause marketing campaign. We took the already-successful campaign in a bold, new direction that both raised awareness of the Pink Tax and offered actionable solutions for everyone who learned about it. We updated the website, wrote a brand new manifesto, kicked off with a comedy tour, and developed ‘Starter P.Ax’, downloadable workbooks full of ax-tion items. (Yeah, we had fun with the Ax puns) I’m incredibly proud of our all-female team that made this work happen. One of my favorite creative commitments that we made was creating a ‘question mark-free’ campaign. Because we’re not asking.

Please check out the full website here: WEBSITE

And the Starter P.AX here: STARTER P.AX

And our AdWeek coverage here: ATTENTION (fun fact: I am the voice on our manifesto video)

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